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Energy Crisis

India’s energy consumption has been increasing at one of the fastest rates in the world due to population growth and economic development but it remains woefully constrained in terms of overall energy availability. Resource augmentation and growth in energy supply has not kept pace with increasing demand and, therefore, India continues to face serious energy shortages. Moreover, our rush to increase energy supplies has led to various environmental consequences, be it through climate change or in the case of coal mining.

Some of the key indicators of India’s energy problems include:

  • Over 40 per cent of the households in India still do not have electricity.
  • About a third of our total primary energy supply still comes from non-commercial sources (biomass, dung).
  • Per capita energy consumption is a third and per capita electricity consumption a fifth of the world average.
  • India faces an enormous demand supply gap of about 11% energy shortage and 14% peak power shortage.

Renewable energy sources and energy efficiency technologies offer viable option to address the energy security concerns.

There is a significant potential in India for generation of power from renewable energy sources-solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, small hydro, wind, biomass, bio-fuels and others. While proven technologies have emerged over the last few decades, the economic viability of renewable energy is yet to be achieved and requires creation and adoption of innovative business and financing models.

Renewable Energy Sources become more viable for rural India (both on and off grid) – and can have a definitive impact on socio-economic development of rural India. Technologies like efficient cookstoves, biomass gasifiers and solar thermal/PV can make a great impact on rural India’s energy problem.

Adoption of energy-efficiency and storage/conservation technologies can produce a much faster result, paving way for developing a low-carbon world.

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