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Top Innovator Award

Innovators are the change-makers who through their innovations, big or small, leave an ever-lasting impact on the world. The Program aims at identifying the ultimate innovators who through their research and creativity can make the biggest impact on India's largest problem Energy. Another goal is to map the entire clean energy related innovations across India and world as much as possible and bring all innovators on to a single platform. The Innovator(s) of the best innovation (to be judged by a panel of experts) shall win the "Top Innovator(s) Award" which shall include a prize money of Rs 5 Lacs to the individual/team apart from recognition at various forum.


The program provides a unique opportunity for innovators across the world to commercialize their innovations through licensing of technology to entrepreneurs/corporations or through creation of an enterprise. Ideally, we would like the innovators to join hand with the EIRs or independently start an enterprise. If starting up doesn't excite you much, you have the opportunity to showcase your invention to the world and license it to entrepreneurs or corporations. If licensed, you also get to hold an upside in commercialization through royalty in addition to a token license fee.

Moreover, the innovators get to compete for the "Top Innovator Award" - a Certificate and Prize Money of Rs 5 Lacs.

The Top 25 Innovations shall also get showcased at international clean energy conference to be organized towards the end of the year.

Criteria and Deadlines

The innovators shall be required to apply with details of their innovation(s) before 1st May, 2009. Application includes an overview of the problem being addressed, the nature of innovation, novelty as compared to available technologies, basic cost analysis, background of the innovator et al. In addition, the application should meet the following criteria -

  • The innovation should be an original research/invention and would ideally have a patent/publication to corroborate the novelty.
  • Since the ultimate objective of the RE Search is to identify scalable and viable solutions, a cost-effective proven technology would be preferred over an expensive and unproven solution.
  • While basic research (let’s say in new material development) is appreciated, the innovation of an end product (like a low cost windmill, efficient LED lighting system, a solar tracker et al) shall have a much better chance of getting incubated or licensed by an entrepreneur because of its shorter time-to-market.
  • The applicant could be an individual or a research group within a research lab, corporation, start-up etc or could also be an independent inventor.

The last date for application is 1st May 2009 but the chances of licensing and commercialization through EIRs is much higher if applications are made during the month of March 2009. Entries submitted beyond 1st May 2009 shall not be eligible for the Top Innovator Award but may be kept in our database for licensing to technology seekers

For additional details refer to the FAQs section

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