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For Start-Ups

If you are an early stage start-up having a good technology and business model and are looking for seed-funding and the right launch pad, RE Search is the perfect destination for you. Your start-up should be aiming to disseminate and deploy a clean energy technology-based product in the market rather than researching a new technology from scratch.


Unlike the EIRs or Innovators, who need to identify their complimentary partners to commercialize their venture, an existing start-up having a technology, team and business model in place has a relatively shorter gestation period and therefore a better chance of getting incubated under the RE-Search Program. The start-ups get to interact with the best minds in the industry, academia, and govt agencies among others apart from initial seed-funding of up to Rs 20 lacs and mentoring for their venture.

Once the business model has been tested and has achieved some traction, the incubated venture shall also have the opportunity of getting follow-on investment through other incubation funds at CIIE as well as various investor partners.

Criteria and Deadlines

The start-ups shall be required to apply before 15th April, 2009. Application includes an overview of the problem being addressed, the nature of innovation being used, novelty as compared to available technologies, basic cost analysis, background of the team members et al. In addition, the following may drastically improve your chances of getting incubated -

  • The technology innovation should be an original research/invention and would ideally have a patent/publication to corroborate the novelty. In case the technology has been licensed, the team should provide the licensing agreement. We feel that business & financial model innovations are more important than just technology innovation for a successful clean energy start-up and therefore meeting these criteria improves the chances of incubation drastically.
  • Ideally the start-up should have an end product (like a low cost windmill, efficient LED lighting system et al) being provided through a unique business model (like rental, microfinancing, PPA etc) rather than services with no underlying product.
  • Complimentary team comprising of technology and management expert and with some industry experience are ideal.

The last date for application is 1st May 2009.

For additional details refer to the FAQs section

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