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Indian Policy - Solar, Wind, Bio-gas, Bio-fuels, small hydro

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Global Policies - FITs etc

  • Policies to Promote Non-hydro Renewable Energy in the United States and Selected Countries paper_final.pdf
    This article briefly describes the U.S. Federal legislation that encouraged the growth of renewable energy. Next, the report examines California, where Federal and State legislation combined to install nearly all the U.S. wind capacity as of the early 1990s. Having established an understanding of Federal and California renewable energy policies, the report then compares the policies of the other countries to similar laws enacted in the United States. Finally, some conclusions are drawn about why similar policies had dramatically different results in different countries
  • Renewable Energy policy for Germany
    The Policy talks about the Renewable energy technologies having been deployed rapidly in Germany since 1990 largely as a result of energy policies adopted by the German government and the European Union. For example, installed wind capacity has grown by more than 2000% since 1990, biomass by more than 500%, and solar photovoltaic installations by more than 15,000%. While the 1990 baseline for each of these technology areas was very low, the steady rise of renewable energy in Germany is noteworthy nonetheless
  • Policy on renenwables- Spain es_= en.pdf
    This provides an overview of the Policy Background, Key Issues, Progress towards meeting National Goals, etc.
  • Renewables and the UK Energy System

    The report gives a brief overview of Britain’s energy system and outlines the Government’s energy policy objectives

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  • Economics of wind energy
    In answer to the questions like(How much do wind turbines cost and will they eventually pay for themselves? Will utility rates change in the future and by how much?); the following pages prepare prospective buyers to determine the potential financial gain available from the wind system chosen to fit a particular energy profile.



Available Techs

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Technologies available for Licensing (NREL):
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory offers cutting- edge technologies to meet the renewable energy market needs. A number of NREL’s technologies have been patented and are available for licensing
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